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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Top 10 Banks in India | Money Controal

Top 10 Banks in India | Money Controal | Top Banks In India  

It’s not any hidden fact that banks have become an important part of our life. We just can’t imagine the life without banks. If you want to save your hard-earned money, then you can’t find any better option than bank. Come on, what can be better than the fact that in banks, your money is completely secure and you earn interest on your saved money.
Along with the saving money, the bank loans are nothing less than a boon for us. We can take loans to get the things that we desire to get. No need to compromise at all. All the plus points of bank are the reasons why banking sector is following the up curve rapidly.
Talking about the Indian banking sector, one has got many options to choose from. The interest rate that you get on your saved money, the interest rate that you need to pay on your loan amount, varies from one bank to another. If you are living in India, then you must be curious to know about top banks available for you, right?
Here is the list of top Banks in India

1. State Bank of India

State Bank of India was established in July, 1955 with the intention to provide top-notch banking services to people living in India.
With more than 16,000 branches in the country and 8500+ ATMs, the SBI is serving the Indians very well. Since this is a Government bank, so it works on the ways to provide maximum facility and benefits so its customers.

2. HDFC Bank

HDFC is the 2nd largest private bank in India. This bank was incorporated in August 1994. As of December 2012, HDFC Bank had 2,776 branches and 10,490 ATMs across 1,399 cities in the country.

3. Axis Bank

Axis bank was established in year 1994. It has 729 branches and 3171 ATMs in country. It is one of most popular and 3rd largest bank in India. The bank is popular due to quality of service.

4. Bank of Baroda

This Indian state-owned bank was established in year 1908. It has around 4261 branches and 2000 ATMs across the country. Next to SBI, it is 2nd biggest bank in India.

5. ICICI Bank

With its first-class service and proper care for every single customer, this private bank has been following the up curve in customers’ count.
The ICICI bank is known for providing speedy service and good friendly staff. It has more than 1400 branches and 4600 ATMs.

6. Punjab National Bank

Punjab national bank was founded in year 1895, and is now based in New Delhi. It has more than 5000 branches across 764 cities.
The bank serves more than 37 million customers which is more than enough to speak about the popularity of bank.

7. IDBI Bank

This bank has been categorized by RBI as “other public sector bank“. It was established in year 1964. It has more than 1594 ATMs and 1000 branches which include some overseas branches as well.

8. Canara Bank

This bank was founded by Late A Subba Rao Pai on Jul 1, 1906 in Mangalore. As of December 2011, this bank had 3564 branches across different cities of India, and 4000 ATMs.

9. Bank of India

Bank of India is an Indian state-owned bank which was founded in year 1906. As of 21 April 2012, 4187 branches which include the 52 branches that are outside India. It had 1679 ATMs at that time. Of course, the count is more now.

10. Union Bank of India

The last one in this list of top 10 banks in India, is the Union Bank of India. This bank was established on 11 November, 1919. The bank has around 3,200 ATMs in the country.

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