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Monday, 6 March 2017

Deadpool 2’s new teaser takes a dig at Superman

Deadpool is back again in his snarky avatar and this time with cheeky references to Superman. The teaser trailer of the second part of the series is everything Deadpool: 

sarcastic, uncaring and super funny. And of course what would be a Marvel film without a Stan Lee peek-in?

The official No Good Deeds teaser trailer kicks off with Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool witnessing a crime and promising to stop it, superhero style. The only problem is: changing into his red spandex takes longer than necessary and of course, a phone call MUST be made before stopping someone from shooting another. Well, what'’s done is done, and what does Deadpool do now? Eat the dead man's ice cream, of course. “How do the other guys do it so quickly,” asks the masked superhero. We would like to know that too, Mr. Reynolds!
Deadpool 2, slated to hit the screens in 2018, promises to be as cheeky and funny as the first one.

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